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This is a small selection written by our customers on the MINI Torque forum and emails received;

Hey Paul, Thomas, Jack and the other lads at 1320MINI,

Thanks for the pulley swap yesterday - and it does exactly what you promise! You guys are friendly, professional, and sure know the MINI inside out! It was well worth coming over from Holland to visit you. Good luck for the future!

best regards

 David Brindle



Hi All at 1320 mini, Please put this on your testimonial site

Read all about the getrag 6 speed conversion for my 04 mini cooper to replace my twice replaced midlands gearbox, tried to get all the information and parts to get done locally with no response to emails from a lot of so called mini spare specialists. Read up about it on mini forums to continually see a name 1320mini coming up, but the only problem was they were 515 miles away from me here north of Inverness.

 Thought i'll send an email and see if i get a response, best thing i ever did!!!!!!

 This is the kind of response that you should get when you deal with a garage, in the way of yes we can do the job no problem. Now the problem getting it down the road but if there's a will there's way. Now remembering my car had been off the road for 7 months this garage has done me proud with a car now  the way it should have been made,and an MOT done before coming back up the road

  Since getting my car home i can't believe it took me so long to get my car down to 1320mini, honestly if you have a reoccurring problem with your mini take my advice and put it to the experts that are ALL the staff at 1320 mini

 Honestly i cannot thank these guys enough for helping me with my problematic mini, and keeping me in touch with all the developments throughout. From a very happy customer once again thank you All very much George Mackenzie

Thank you for sorting out my car today Tom, it fill's like a different car, pull's Superbly right through the rev range,no flat spots what so ever,
I'll be in touch to sort out my clutch with you guy's really soon,I'll be going no we're Else from now on for my car to be looked at, your customer service for letting me come in today on short notice was excellent,can't ask for any more, really appreciated,

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to thank you for fitting the KW V1s and front wishbone bushes today; the drive home was great and she now looks excellent without the wheel gap.
It's always an experience going to 1320 and I am sure that Sue and I will be back soon.
Oh and all the best to Thomas for the pending birth.
John & Sue

Just a big thanks to Jack Scott and Tom for sorting out my Cooper S JCW today now I can drive it as it's supposed to be driven and have no worries!

Nick H

Davy travelled all the way from Holland just to bring his car to us...

To the 1320-guys;

First of all, dad and I had a great time spending two days in the shop working with all of you. Paul, thanks for booking the hotel and arranging all of this to happen!

Scott has helped out on a lot of work, and he amazed me again how handy he can be in solving problems, changing belts and singing & dancing! 

Thomas on the other hand has yet again made some numbers on the dyno that are worth mentioning.. 248 whp and 201 wtq IS something to brag about. All of that with a very decent IAT at max revs of 41 degrees. 

The ride back to Holland was great, enjoyed it!

The downpart of these trips are that everytime I come over, you all plunge some new ideas in my head which I offcourse NEED to buy/have.. 

Screw you all, I'm checking my agenda for March..

Idoney travelled up from London to see us...

"Fantastic service!"

Took my venerable Mini One to 1320 to have the wishbone bushes replaced with polybushes and what a difference. Handling completely transformed.

Best service I've have had in 9 and a half years of MINI ownership. Friendly and enthusiastic team who know their stuff.

Many thanks 1320!


Negg from the Midlands....

"Third visit - top notch service and work once again."

Third visit under my belt today - this time clutch, coilovers and rear main oil seal.

We all know everything doesn’t always go to plan but it’s nice to see the guys just get on with it so the job is complete and you leave happy. So many times I walked out of a garage in the past when something’s not complete and had to return - this is why I would rather spend the money on fuel and the 200mile round trip to see these guys (even with fuel prices as they are currently!)

First choice for my MINI work.

Top work as always lads.

Stiggy drove up from Wales and left his car with us...

“Words really are not enough.........”

Well after a week and a bit today I collected my JCW from them. They replaced power steering pump, thermostat and a few bits and bobs.... Plus also got rid of the damned rubbing noise which was doing my head in big time!

Thomas.... Paul ... words will never be enough to thank you for the service you provided. You are the best techs / mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of using.... and believe me I have used a lot over the years.

A nice surprise on the Dyno run also when Thomas explained the figures , not bad at all for a box standard R53 JCW . LOL better than what BMW said it had from new.

Once again.... Thomas, Paul and anyone else who is involved at 1320 FANTASTIC SERVICE.

Cooperman - Bedfordshire

This sort of thing doesn't happen all the time but sometimes....

“A BIG THANK YOU to Thomas and Scott!!!!”

Thank you very much for your invaluable expertise in quickly diagnosing and solving one very rattly MINI... over a mobile phone!!!

10:00 - I call 1320 because my 2003 MCS (212.5K miles) has developed what sounds like a top-end rattle ...I had images in my mind of worn bearings with bits flying around, destroying the GTT camshaft and head.

I was worried that it could be something extremely expensive; Thomas suggested a couple of possibilities but then asked me to send a video from my mobile to him to help diagnose more accurately.

As I wasn't very far from the car, I headed back to it and with Thomas still on the phone, I started the engine. As I held the phone over the engine, Thomas was able to determine that the most likely cause would be the timing-chain tensioner.

He invited me for a replacement that afternoon.

14:05 - With my MINI sounding like a taxi-cab, I arrive at 1320MINI.

Thomas has a big grin on his face, and shows me the new part that will soon be fitted to the engine.

14:35 - Fully re-assembled, the engine is started ...and it is once again a very quiet engine (apart from the Blueflame exhaust)!!!

14:45 - I make my way out in to the big bad world again.

How is that for service? One telephone call for advice led to a full diagnosis there and then! Not only that, but the whole repair was done in 30 minutes!!

Thanks again!!!

Metalorama travelled down from Aberdeen...

“Big Thanks to All at 1320!”

I'd like to say a massive thank you to all the guys at 1320 for completely transforming my car. When I went in with my boxes of bits Tom told me it would be a different car, but I didn't understand how much till I drove it yesterday!

The work done on the car was:

TPR2 head

Ported intake manifold

Newman cam

550 injectors

17% pulley

New charger

New plugs

Mynes tune

KW v1's

OMP lower brace

M7 top brace (kinda, strut mounts are on but got two ends of the bar the same)

Poly bushes

New rear wheel bearings

SPC rear control arms

B&M short shifter

I might have missed few bits out but it's a big list

Car went in with 168 WHP with a Dave F airbox, full Janspeed decat system and GRS motorsport intercooler. After fitting all the new parts the car made 227 WHP, which I am EXTREMELY happy with. Can't remember torque figures off the top of my head but will post dyno graphs once I get them. With the suspension work it handles beautifully and NO MORE WHEEL GAP!

To anyone thinking about modding their MINI, DO IT! And take the advice of everyone on here and go to 1320, it was an 8 hour drive for me but definitely worth it. A really good bunch of guys who will do anything to help, and make a top job of it all.

Thanks again guys!

Lex from Essex...

Cheers for finding the fault with my Mini the other Thursday and getting to the problems with the cutting out & loss of power.

Great service yet again and pleased to find that it was only the map sensor that needed replacing and not something that was gonna cost an arm & a leg

Was good to catch up with every one again and also meet Jack

Oh yeah & another thanks to Thomas for his first aid skills and patching up my finger so that I didn't drip blood over everything!! lol

George Travels up to us from London...

Just wanted to thank the guys at 1320 that worked on my car (Thomas, Scott and Jack).

I had the front and rear drop links replaced with adjustable ones, new anti-roll bar fitted with new bushes, oil change and a few dyno runs and engine check.

Happy to say everything was running fine and car is driving beautifully after they re-balanced my wheels.

Sadly the dimple I wanted to fit from the group buy didnt fit as they sent me one for an R53 

On the dyno, the car ran 175whp for all 3 tests, not sure what that is bhp with the only power mod being the turbo back system.

Was a nice day out with Jason and Batou present with a few others joining later.

I cant recommend these guys enough, great service, decent prices and a great day out in comparison to a normal garage.

Also got a nice new 1320 keyring

I will be back soon