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Performance Package Stage 2

Catcams Camshaft
550cc Bosch Injectors
1320 Custom ECU Tune
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The Stage 2 performance package for your R53 MINI Cooper S has been developed with those who want to gain power throughout the rev range.

The 1202469 Catcam is designed as a direct replacement for the standard BMW MINI R53 camshaft and CNC machined from a fresh chilled cast blank, Cat Cams has developed an advanced, flat nose profile with a negative radius format, designed to maximise the valve lift within the R53’s roller rocker set up.

The 550cc Bosch injectors are a direct replacment to the OEM 330cc stock or 380cc JCW injectors with wiring harnesses included. They allow more fuel to be delivered to the cylinders, required for the higher power output produced from the camshaft.

All this is tied together with one of our custom tunes using the Mynes Bytetronik Full Access software. 

What happens when you arrive...

  • First we base run the car on our dyno to check its running correctly and establish a base figure to work from.
  • We then carry out a leakdown test to insure the engine is healthy.
  • The car is then removed from the dyno and put onto one of our ramps.
  • The Catcam and 550cc Injectors are fitted.
  • The Full Access software is loaded onto the ECU and a base map made scaling the injectors and making adjustments for the camshaft so the car can be driven round onto the dyno.
  • The car is run on the dyno and adjustments made untill the fueling ingition and idle are correct. 
  • Finally the car is removed from the dyno and test driven on the road.

Due to the nature of the high lift race camshaft some cars may develop a 'lumpy' idle. If this is an issue for yourself we have a slightly less agresssive lift catcam we can use. Please call for more info.