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Inspection 1 Service - R50,R53

Generation 1 - 2001-2006 MINI One, Cooper and Cooper S
Manufacturers: BMW , JCW , MINI
BMW Oil filter
Motul 300V
  • Remove and replace engine oil with 5 litres of Motul LL-04.
  • Remove and replace engine oil filter and o-ring.
  • Inspect tyre condition, measure tread depth and check and adjust tyre pressures.
  • Check entire vehicle for leaks (engine, transmission, power steering, fuel lines, brake lines etc.).
  • Check CV joint boots for damage or leaks.
  • Check condition, position and mounting of exhaust system.
  • Check struts and shock absorbers for leaks.
  • Check suspention bushes and ball joints for excess play.
  • Check overall thickness of front and rear brake pads and examine brake disc surface and thickness.
  • Check condition of hard brake lines for corrosion and flexible lines for rubber perishing, rubbing and leaks.
  • Check entire body for rust and corrosion.
  • Check engine coolant system for leaks, check level and test antifreeze protection level.
  • Check windshield washer fluid level.
  • Check interior ventilation microfilter.
  • Check operation of: headlights, foglights, parking lights, reverse lights, indicators, hazard lights, brake lights, number plate lights, interior lights.
  • Check for dashboard warning lights and read fault codes if necessary.
  • Check operation of horn.
  • Check wipers and widshield washer system.
  • Check condition and function of seat belts.
  • Check operation of converrtible top (if applicable).
  • Reset service interval display.

Mahle manufacturer and supply oil and air filters to all the leading vehicle manufacturers including BMW & MINI. If you wish us to supply a geniuine BMW MINI oil filter please tick the box for the revised price.

For those MINI owners who like doing track days you might want to update to the Motul 300V oil, these are sold in 2 litre cans so you will have about 1.5 litres left over for topping up, please tick the box for a revised price.

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