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Blog posts tagged with 'Bedford Autodrome How Fast R53 Cooper S'

Tristo sets new MINI record at Bedord How Fast / EVO magazine circuit- 10 June 2012
Tristo was the secound person to have his MINI on the dyno Friday night and made a stout 236 whp & 180wtrq............Sat morning and it was off to the Bedford Autodrome How Fast / Evo magazine circuit to see how he would fair.

Unfortunatley after 4 laps on the Toyo 888's netting a 1.25 the flexi joint on the Janspeed manifold split, wisely Tristo brought the car in so they could put the slicks on, with the plan off just going out and doing 4 warm up laps then 1 flying lap which would proberly result in a black flag for noise due to the split in the flexi.


The end result was a very pleasing new MINI record on this circuit of 1.21.491