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Blog posts of '2012' 'February'

KW & BILSTEIN Coilovers NOW IN STOCK!!- 25 February 2012
We now stock KW V1's and Bilstein B14 PSS Coilovers!

We will also be fitting one set of each to both our courtesy cars, so you can take them out and see which you prefer :)

Ive just finished updating the website so there on there now.

Both £792 including VAT.

At last we get to fit one- 23 February 2012
Jack 1st attempt at tig welding - 17 February 2012
Old Red's new block- 14 February 2012
Thomas & Jack have started Old Red's engine rebuild........this is the only block at 1320 which matched the stock Wosssner forged piston to wall clearance requirement.

Paul and Thomas remembered that this crank has always been in Old Red from day one.........so that must be well over 500 1/4 mile passes 30k road miles and about 6 track days.


Some people are so clever- 07 February 2012

This was a solid lump of ally yesterday
Not the best start to a Monday- 06 February 2012
Unfortunatley when Thomas & Scott got to work this morning they found that the workshop was under water........which you would think is bad enough but then they looked in the dyno pit and found our worst nightmare had happened 29 inches of water


Thankfully Matt & Tour de Force has offered the use of his Superflow rolling road which is about 10-15 mins away.....so business as usual :)
Rotrex MINI tuning fun- 03 February 2012
Floof & Brownpants of Rooster Racing fame have been here yesterday and today with there Rotrex powered MINI.........this MINI was a bare galvanised un-sealed shell 18 months ago.

Barby Apprentist- 03 February 2012
Jack has passed the barbecue test even in 0c deg temps