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Blog posts of '2011' 'September'

R56 Competition Clutch - Stage 4 - NOW IN STOCK!!!- 09 September 2011
The first R56 Competition Clutch, Performance Clutch Kit Stage 4 - Fresh in from the US arrives at 1320MINI!


Be the one of the first people to have this new stage 4 clutch kit fitted...........
Whats going to be the third?- 02 September 2011

Old Red's OEM Non Air Con pulley decided to melt and throw the belt off.....then


We took the sump off Old Rattler and the reason the oil light came on at Bedford Autodrome was because the oil pump had seized and .....

.....sheared the bolt off, the one on the left is what a stock one looks like and the one on the right is Old Rattler's


The spare engine was quickley stripped to a block and a list of new parts  ordered for the rebuild, hopefully with a fresh engine it will pick up some more torque and horsepower as the original engine had done 89000 miles