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Blog posts of '2011' 'June'

Testing @ Santa Pod- 25 June 2011
Again my apologies for the lack of updates but it seems like its non - stop at the moment.........I'll try an update the blog with what we've being doing over the last couple of weeks but for now here are the results of yesterdays Peak Performance day at Santa Pod Raceway


Scotty was driving Old Red and as you can see by the flags we did have a mild headwind


Our new personal best with the Sprintex


And here's the all important ticket.............if you take all our best incrementals over this months runs with the Sprintex kit there is a 12.44 in there somewhere
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Excited- 06 June 2011
The only way to spend a Saturday- 06 June 2011

At last we finally loaded Old Red up to go testing at a Sat RWYB with our brand new Sprintex supercharger kit. The spec for the car today was:

Stock Short block

Stock Cylinder head

JCW Air box

GRS Intercooler

Cat Cam

Janspeed manifold

1320 de cat pipe

Borla Cooper cat back

Competition Clutch Super Single

Quaife diff

1320 stand alone ECU

Tesco 99 fuel

Weight with driver 2550lbs


We arrived at the Pod at 7.50am and Jake changed the wheels over to our new 15 x8 Rota Slipstreams and our 3 year old 25 x 9 – 15 Toyo


As you can tell we were rocking some wheel gap, which the driver of the day, Scotty Barnes, wasn’t too happy about, but as he arrived late he had to be embarrassed for the morning. (notice I out reacted him with the camera)


This was the first time Scotty had ever driven the car at the Pod and he opened his account with a 13.1500 at 106.18…..on his 5th run he had it got it down to ...........


Scotty had smashed the standard head record with this 12.5772 at 108.72


We couldn’t see it getting any faster with the slicks so we decided to put our 5 year old BFG street drag radials, 205 50 15.


Another record broken and the first supercharged  MINI  into the 12s on street tyres.

Obviously we couldn’t have acheived this without the support of our family and friends. We’d also like to thank the following companies who supply us parts to use and abuse and give them feedback to improve those parts so we can all go faster in our MINI’s. So a big thanks to:


Track Club Power Engineering for helping us develop our plug & play stand alone ECU

Competition Clutch for producing the Super Single flywheel & clutch

Sprintex for the first production twin screw supercharger kit for the MINI

Cat Cams for their awesome camshaft

Motul for all their Oils and fluids.

Performance Friction for their brake pads


I must admit it’s only now that I write the above list that it makes you realise how much abuse that the Quaife diff has had in the last 5 years, and it has never ever failed; it’s managed about 300 passes down the drag strip with 7000 rpm launches on slicks and with nitrous. We’re on our 3rd make of clutch, we’ve snapped 6 driveshafts,  twisted 2 unbreakable driveshaft and yet the original Quaife diff is still going strong and has shown us British quality engineering at its best.



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