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Blog posts of '2011' 'December'

Sprintex Supercharger & JCW Head & Cat Cams breaks 270whp- 08 December 2011

We still believe there's some more left on the table :)
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Old Red joins the 260 whp club- 07 December 2011
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Old Red's latest dyno run- 02 December 2011
Old Red's latest dyno number, the difference from the previous dyno is JCW head with stock valves, 8.0-1 Wossner pistons, 1320 conrods, Mahle race bearings
Hopefully will find some more HP before the RWYB season starts in January at Santa Pod
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KMT Pulley & Superflex Wishbone package fitted £399- 02 December 2011

It’s always an argument here at 1320 which modification would you do to a virgin MINI first

.Thomas would always go for a pulley first,  whereas Scott would always go for replacing the OEM wishbone bushes with the uprated Superflex bushes.

So it seemed obvious to us why not combine the two as a package, so for £399 including vat you get the following supplied and fitted.

1 x pair of Superflex bushes of your choice SPF2548K or SPF2550K

1 x KMT pulley of your choice 11% 13.20% 15% 16%17 %19%

1 x Supercharger belt to suit your choice of KMT pulley

4 x NGK spark plugs


1320 Quietflow Cat Back- 02 December 2011
This has been on the to do list for a long time and as December is usually quiet for us and we're waiting on parts for some of our long term jobs it was an ideal opportunity to get Old Red in and get the experimental 1320 Quietflow Cat Back in and done.

It has actually met all expectations , its very quiet even with a de-cat so it should pass Bedford Autodrome noise drive by limits with ease, as an added bonus it also makes very good power.
Modern MINI R56 Cam Feature- 01 December 2011

We recently carried out some work for CAT CAMS and Modern MINI to produce a great camshaft fitting guide for the R56 , This was Matt Woods http://mwoods.co.uk catching Thomas' good side during the day. Grab a copy in a month or two.
Scott's Renault Engine- 01 December 2011
Scotts been slowly gathering parts for his new Renault engine, lucky for him we have MINI customers who are ex renault 5 GT turbo owners,

He now has:
Ported head
Steel liners
and a few other goodies,

There's aways a Renault engine build going on here


1950s tractor block (Renault 5 gt turbo) cleaned and preped and primed


All painted, now time to add parts and start the measuring and build.