BMW R53 MINI Cooper S ECU remapping

R53 MINI Cooper S ECU Tuning the 1320 way...........

1320 uses the proven Bytetronik software package to optimise the ECU mapping on customer's R53 MINI Cooper S's. Once a series of engine modifications have been made (EG supercharger pulley, tubular exhaust manifold, performance camshaft) 1320 recommends selecting uprated 550cc Bosch injectors which offer an ideal blend of uprated flow characteristics for power. They allow our technicians to also achieve good overall driveability.

The Bytetronik software is clever enough to allow the easy and accurate scaling of these larger to ensure safe precise fuel flow into the R53's inlet manifold.

In addition, the idle on the MINIs can sometimes be very rough when running a performance camshaft, but with the Bytetronik software we can adjust the idle to be as smooth, if not smoother than a standard MINI. This is all achieved by adjusting the scaling, fuel map and idle control. The idle for us is crucial as it shows that time has wisely been spent checking adaptations and trims to obtain a perfect base map.

Being able to log and observe what the MINI's ECU is seeing helps us with the performance tuning as we can monitor knock voltage, knock noise and individual timing. We can then adjust the fuelling / ignition timing in each cylinder to achieve reliable, safe power.

The Bytetronkik software allows numerous and varied map adaptations from sublime to the ridiculous and Thomas likes nothing better than to show you the intricacies of your own personal map as it evolves.

Once your R53 MINI Cooper S's tune is optimized we go with you on the test drive just so we can then measure the smile on your face!