Our Philosphy

"It is not how much you spend but how you spend it"

This sums up our philosophy with both our personal vehicles and any vehicles that visit the 1320 workshop as our customers' vehicles naturally follow this course automatically. Getting simple straightforward advice can sometimes be hard, but our objective is always to help our customers get that advice and achieve their aims cost effectively. This applies to simple repairs and service as well as deciding the tuning package that you might want to apply to the car.


With tuning vehicles it is very easy to waste a lot of money on items that actually add little to the cars performance, and the key to getting value for money is making sure that you understand what each element should deliver. You have to remember that every car is different and will react in a slightly different way to a particular component or mix of components, but we will always guide you in the right direction.


We would always say that it is better to ask before you spend the money and we will always give you our opinion !


One of the great advantages 1320 has is the rolling road data that we have gathered from the huge number of vehicles we have tuned. All vehicles that are tuned at 1320 undergo a before and after comparison, to demonstrate the impact of the work - this will illustrate the gains you have made on your individual vehicle. This will then be compared to the data we have on other cars and the customer can easily see where their car sits against others and what might be achievable. It is also worth remembering that every car is different, every rolling road is slightly different and factors such as temperature and humidity will affect the result so the WHP will vary a little, hence why we spend time validating our information in real world track conditions - the drag strip.


On all the work we carry out we will endeavour to quote prior to the job being done, and if this quote should change we will discuss the reason for the change with you. Invariably, any increase in amount will be the result of an unforseen issue that will have arisen whilst the primary work is being undertaken as a result we will always ask how you would like us to proceed. It is very difficult to give a warranty on tuning work, especially where cars are used for high performance and racing. However we will always be fair with our customers and consider each case on its merits, should the unthinkable happen; to reassure you this is very very rare!