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Clutch Master FX400 Flywheel - Gen 1 R53 Cooper S

Clutch Master's lightweight alloy flywheel for the R53 MINI Cooper S, the ideal way to boost throttle response and engine acceleration!
Manufacturer: Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters lightweight billet aluminium flywheel is approximately 50% lighter than the standard item, yet it stronger than standard.

This weight loss allows the R53 Cooper S's engine (and your MINI) to acclerate quicker, transforming throttle response and improving outright acceleration, making it ideal for street, strip or the circuit.

Clutch Masters has designed the billet aluminium lightweight flywheel to fit any R53 MINI Cooper S produced from 2002-2006. Priced at £432.00, it's available now.

The lightweight billet alloy flywheel has also been designed by Clutch Masters as the perfect performance compliment to the FX400 paddle clutch.

1320 now offers a package - the Clutch Masters FX400 paddle clutch & lightweight alloy flywheel supplied & fitted in our workshops for just £1260 including VAT.

See below for details on the Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch

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