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Picture of Performance & Handling (Pulley & Bushes) Package

Performance & Handling (Pulley & Bushes) Package

Kav's Reduced Supercharger Pulley
Superflex front Wishbone Bushes
Manufacturer: 1320MINI

1320 is pleased to provide the perfect blend of power and control for the R53 MINI Cooper S - a Kav's Motorsport reduced supercharger pulley and Superflex front wishbone bushes package.

The following is supplied and installed as part of the package:-

  • Full Health check including leakdown and compression tests
  • Kav's Motorsport reduced supercharger pulley size of your choice (11%[JCW size], 13.2%, 15%, 16%, 17%),
  • A belt the correct size to compensate for the smaller pulley
  • A set of 4 colder running NKG spark plugs
  • Super Flex front wishbone bushes
  • FREE dyno run after to show the performance increase gained and a graph print out showing your new power
  • Fitting in 1320's workshop by one of our highly skilled and experienced technicians

Unlike a turbocharger that is propelled by high pressure exhaust gas, the R53 MINI Cooper S's Eaton supercharger is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft. The smaller Kav's Motorsport reduced supercharger pulley allows the MINI's supercharger to spin faster at any given rpm, resulting in more boost and extra power and torque from your R53 MINI Cooper S.

The Superflex front wishbone bushes are recommended along with the smaller Kav's Motorsport reduced pulley as the ideal first modifications to do to your R53 MINI Cooper S. In combination they provide extra urge allied to a more 'planted' feel on the road, improving handling, sharpening turn-in and reducing torque steer.