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Picture of Clutch Master FX400 Clutch - Gen 1 R53 Cooper S

Clutch Master FX400 Clutch - Gen 1 R53 Cooper S

Clutch Masters' FX400 paddle clutch is ideal for high torque R53 MINI Cooper S applications with an aftermarket flywheel
Manufacturer: Clutch Masters
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The Clutch Masters FX400 clutch is a great upgrade over the stock R53 MINI Cooper S unit. It retains the standard pressure plate to keep a light feeling at the pedal, with a stronger sprung six paddle ceramic friction plate to ensure no slip for high torque / high power applications, making this clutch the best of both worlds.

We think this is a brilliant option for those owners wanting a road driveable paddle clutch that beefs up your R53 MINI Cooper S's drivetrain to cope with high power outputs, but without causing any driver discomfort of a heavy pedal for road use.

Key features of the Clutch Masters FX400 R53 MINI Cooper S paddle clutch include:-

·   Ultra heavy-duty street &racing system
·   Holding capacity 170% over stock
·   Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate
·   Hi-Leverage™ pressure ring design
·   Sprung hub/4-button
·   Ceramic friction material

All Clutch Masters clutch kits come complete with:

·   Pressure Plate
·   Clutch Disc
·   Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)
·   Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)
·   Alignment Tool

This clutch will not work with the stock flywheel due to the springs in the plate touching the flywheel bolts

This Clutch Masters FX400 paddle clutch application fits the R53 MINI Cooper S 02-06

FX400 Clutch Masters lightweight alluminum flywheel is also available.

See below for FX400 Flywheel details.

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