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1320 Bytetronik Full Access Custom Remap/Tune - R53

Generation 1 - 2002-2006 MINI Cooper S R53 The price includes 1 hour of Remapping your MINI on the 1320 dyno.Allow an extra 1hr dyno if having 550cc injectors Please phone for booking your slot on the dyno.
Optional Extras
Optional Extras
Optional Extras

The Bytetronik FullAccess (FA53) Tuning Kit is a comprehensive tuning solution for the MINI R50/52/53 owners, providing 1320 information to fully adjust the mappings inside your stock ECUs.

Feature 1: ECU Adjustments

This device allows 1320 to access your ECU and adjust various mappings inside the ECU and tune the engine to maximize the fuel that’s being used. Once 1320 are satisfied with tune, 1320 can save the map and you can reload it back into the ECU at any given time. This is only for one vehicle only and the cable stores the vehicle's VIN.

Feature 2: Tune Switching; 

You can have various tunes made if you wish to pay for the extra dyno time (typically for 95 Octane, 99 Octane, 102 Octane, Water / Methanol injection or E85 fuel), then you can simply switch it back by loading the particular tune that best suits the situation. 

Feature 3Data Logging;

If you want to see how the car is running while you’re driving. Simply disconnect the USB cable from the MINIport device (while leaving it connected to the car’s OBD-II port), and the data-logging feature is now active. Blinking red/green/blue lights indicate that the MINIport is actively logging 30+ parameter at 8 samples-per-second, and all this information is stored on the onboard micro-SD card. To view the logs, simply connect the USB cable to the MINIport device and you will see the data on your laptop (it will show up as a "Removable Storage Drive").

Feature 4: Read DTCs and clear them 

Is your MINI throwing a Check-Engine Light? Well, instead of reaching for the OBD Scanner, why not just turn on your laptop and see what’s causing the code. And once you find out what the code is about, you can always clear it thru the FA53 software. You can also use this function on other MINI owner vehicles too.

Feature 5: Clearing Adaptations  

Is your car running sluggish lately? Well, check out the data-log and see if there’s anything that looks unusual. What about the "Long Term Fuel Trims"? Is the ECU learning some of your bad habits and over-compensating? If so, simply go to the FA53 GUI and clear the adaptation values. With the MINIflash, you don’t need a BMW Factory tool (GT1 or Autologic) to perform this task… simply select a command in FA53 and turn off the ignition for 5 minutes for permanent changes, then you should be good to go.