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Picture of Catcams Camshaft - R50,R53

Catcams Camshaft - R50,R53

Generation 1 - 2001-2006 MINI
Manufacturers: 1320MINI , Cat Cams

Cat Cams NV and 1320 offers R53 MINI Cooper S owners what we consider to be the finest all-round camshaft profile avalable today - the 1302469 'Sport' camshaft.

Designed as a direct replacement for the standard BMW MINI R53 camshaft and CNC machined from a fresh chilled cast blank, Cat Cams has developed an advanced, flat nose profile with a negative radius format, designed to maximise the valve lift within the R53’s roller rocker set up.

All the testing was carried out on the old David B car and the specs are as follows:

  • 550cc Injectors
  • Bytetronik Tune
  • GP Intercooler
  • 15% KMT pulley
  • JCM catback
  • Stock S cylinder head
  • Stock exhaust manifold
  • Dave F Airbox
  • 1302469 Cat Cam

We were amazed at the results from the Cat Cam and feel confident you will be as well:-

Before with standard R53 MINI Cooper S camshaft:- 196bhp at the wheels / 168lb.bt of torque at the wheels

After with Cat Cams 1302469 camshaft:- 221bhp at wheels / 177lb.ft of torque at the wheels

This proves that the Cat Cams R53 MINI Cooper S Sport 1302469 camshaft profile gains a stunning 25 bhp at the wheels. Pleasingly, the ‘469’ profile increases power throughout the rev range from 2500 rpm, right up to the 7550 rpm limiter.

Peak torque jumps by 9 lb.ft at 4400 rpm, with substantial gains of 10-12 lb.ft from 5000 rpm to 7550 rpm, making the Cat Cams ‘Sport’ camshaft the ideal fast road profile as it exceeds the performance of the stock cam at every point in the rev range.

Results are with the ECU tuned to the same fuelling with no ignition timing adjustments.

As you can see the Cat Cams 1302469 camshaft keeps pulling and just doesn't seem to want to drop off at higher rpm, so our next mod will be some ARP rod bolts and see if there is anything left beyond 7500 - 7550rpm.


The Cat Cams R53 MINI Cooper S 1302469 ‘Sport’ cam profile carries the following technical specification:-

Duration@ 0.1 mm+cl             Duration@ 1.0 mm+cl         Max Valve Lift      
262°/ 266°                                  218°/ 222°                             10.00 / 8.50 mm         

For comparison, the OEM BMW R53 MINI Cooper S camshaft technical data:-
255° / 254°                                 198° / 200°                             8.40 / 7.85 mm

Priced at just £312.00 including VAT and delivery to the UK, worldwide shipping and full workshop installation are also available at 1320.

Please note: owners of the MINI One (90 bhp) and Cooper (115 bhp) models produced between 2001 and 2006 can also enjoy the performance benefit from installing the Cat Cams 1302469 profile.    

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