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Performance Pulley Package Stage 1

This package includes;
KMT Pulley of your choice - 11%, 13.20% 15%, 16% or 17%
Supercharger Belt
NGK Plugs
Health Check
A Dyno Run after
Manufacturer: 1320MINI

This entry level 1320 R53 MINI Cooper S Performance Package includes the supply and installation of the following parts:

  • Remove and Inspect Spark Plugs
  • Check Oil and Water Level
  • Check Condition Of Bypass Valve
  • Perform and Report Leakdown Test To Owner
  • If Leakdown test is ok, carry on
  • Remove Stock Pulley
  • Supply and Fit KMT Pulley Size Of Your Choice (11%, 13.20%, 15%, 16% or 17%)
  • Supply and Fit Correct Size Belt
  • Fit New NGK Spark Plugs
  • Reset ECU Adaptations Using Specialist Software
  • Perform Rolling Road Test, Checking Horsepower, Torque and Air Fuel Ratios
  • Test Drive 

This first package is ideal for those customers wanting to add a little more boost to your supercharged MINI, resulting in an increase of torque and horsepower across the RPM range, making your Cooper S both faster and easier to drive.

The KMT supercharger pulley is produced from superior quality than competitor brands and features a central reel with a double edged design to reduce supercharger drive belt wear when compared to the OEM BMW item. Every KMT pulley is also subject to strict quality control tests which adhere to the high ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

As the R53 is getting older, we are seeing more and more cars come in with fueling issues, this is why we insist on your Mini going on the rolling road to insure that your fueling is correct and not dangerous, as well as seeing what power your Mini is putting out with the new pulley on.

More power and improved torque - the 1320 Performance Package 1 for the R53 MINI Cooper S is an extremely cost effective enhancement which produces large performance gains, making it an exceptional value upgrade.

Spinning the supercharger faster creats more heat from the supercharger, raising the intake air temperatures (IAT's), to help cool these down why not upgrade the intercooler at the same time to a GP Intercooler. Tick the checkbox on the right hand side to see the price difference. We'll even fit it for free while your having the pulley fitted!

And if R53 MINI Cooper S customers would like to know exactly what level of performance increase is realised by this conversion, they should look at the details of 1320's Performance Package 1.2.

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